About Us

Giorgio Basilio initially trained as a chef in Italy and France and spent 25 years working in restaurants in Europe, the UK and Australia. He developed a passion for sourdough bread and changed direction in 2004, spending the next five years training as a sourdough baker at RedBeard Historic Bakery in Trentham, under the guidance of John Reid.

Giorgio’s passion and challenge is to produce authentic sourdough bread, and more recently pastry, using only natural leaven, sustainable flours and local grain such as rye and spelt which Giorgio mills himself for freshness and enhanced nutritional value.

Giorgio opened his own bakery in 2010 in his adopted hometown of Ballarat. The business is run with a small team of valued staff and supported by Giorgio’s family, wife Pauline and daughters Bella and Chiara.

We take our time, using natural sourdough leaven, slow proving and hand shaping each loaf.

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